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Old wood windows, single pane glass windows or poorly hung windows and doors can be a major cause of energy loss. Every homeowner has experienced at one time or another, the cold blasts of winter seeping in around icy windows that are not insulated and sometimes won’t lock or even shut completely. Old wood windows can be a maintenance nightmare as well. Replacing these energy hogs with vinyl, double-pane, low E windows can make a world of difference in not only energy savings but in noise reduction and lowered maintenance costs.

Northwoods Remodeling is an authorized Andersen Windows dealer and offers a wide selection of replacement windows and doors. Double hungs, casement windows, picture windows, bow and bay windows, garden windows, and sliding windows are available, as well is entry doors, patio doors and sliding glass doors.

If you’re thinking about replacement windows or doors, there’s no reason to wait. The benefits start immediately. From enhancing your home’s interior to adding to its curb appeal, new windows and doors transform a home from ordinary to outstanding. What’s more, they provide one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project. At Northwoods Remodelers, we can install any type of window and have years experience doing so.

Our goal is to fit not only your openings, but also your budget. With so many replacement windows and doors on the market, choosing the right one for your home can be a challenging project on its own. Maintenance, insulating value, appearance, fit, ease of cleaning and durability, are only a few of the many important considerations. Therefore, we will gladly assist you with any further decision to fulfill your needs.

Why Replace Windows & Doors?
Don't let your time and energy slip out of your old, drafty windows and doors. Don't spend your hard earned money on high heating and cooling bills caused by inefficient windows and doors. Put an end to many of the tiring tasks of interior and exterior home maintenance.

  • Measured and manufactured to fit your home.
  • Energy Star qualified with available Tax Credits.
  • Energy efficient designs to help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduce fabric fading up to 75% more than regular windows.
  • Constructed of solid, durable vinyl... so the window frame won't warp, crack, rot, chip or dent like wood or metal.
  • Multiple window styles with permanent colors that won't peel or flake off, no more sanding, scraping or painting!
  • Traditional or contemporary styles to complement any home.

Are your windows destroying your home?

Leaking, cracking windows may be damaging your home. Your older windows may be hiding something from you. If you notice excess condensation or leaks near your windows, it may mean that moisture is getting into your walls. To ensure against dry rot and potential mold problems, new replacement windows may be the key.